Team Acme/Kalins

Captain Eric Haataja has been a full-time guide for 20 years, often fishing 300+ days. Eric is also a bass tournament angler (and champion), seminar speaker, fishing educator, television show host, and youtube video producer with over 50 million views on his youtube page. Alex Peric may be the youngest member of the cast at 22 years old, but his angling experience is worldwide as filming his  adventures (for his nearly 800,000 YouTube subscribers) has brought him around the globe - and he has at least 5 fishing companies to his name - that we know of.


Team Manitoba

Aaron & Jay are both from Manitoba and have guided in Northern Canada for a combined 20 years. Aaron is now the host of Uncut Angling - specializing in multi-species pursuits, while Jay is the owner of a media group called Thrive Visuals and shares his outdoor experiences on his own YouTube channel.


Team Dakota Lithium

These twin brothers are from Saskatchewan and have been chasing monster fish together for their entire lives. To their credit, they have the all-tackle world record Rainbow Trout and Burbot. They also fish tournaments, guide part-time, have full-time jobs, and are the reigning 39 hours champions from season ONE.


Team Tackle Box Lottery

Paul & Taro each run internationally-known year-round multi-species guide services in Southern Ontario. They have earned credibility in the tournament world with several wins - both together and separately. They have appeared on countless TV shows, seminar presentations, and magazine features. They are no strangers to the media spotlight, competition, and huge fish.