As our presenting sponsor, Aqua-Vu is the driving force of showing you the 39hrs series. As a company, their fundamental goal is showing you the world below the water's surface through their wide line of submersible cameras. There is no cooler perspective than watching fish and their habitat be revealed on the camera screen - and in pure function, underwater cameras deliver a visual confirmation on specific fish species and structure types that no other tool or expertise can offer. Aqua-Vu has been the industry pacemaker since the inception and adaptation of this technology – and continues to make cameras easier to use and more feature-packed. 




Travel Manitoba:

Both Jay and Aaron's roots are deep here.They have fished all over the world and many of their favourite destinations are still back at home in Manitoba. This is legendary water for trophy Walleye and Northern Pike, but is also a multi species dream, with amazing options year-round for Trout, Bass, Catfish, Perch, Crappie, and much more. It’s a perfect match to partner with Travel Manitoba and bring these diverse fishing opportunities into the spotlight during the 39hrs series.





The Acme family of brands is universally known for its many staple fish-catching lures. The Little Cleo and Kastmaster are probably the two most travelled and proven spoons for all species of gamefish, while Acme Tackle Company is striving to continually generate exciting new baits such as the Kalins “Google Eye” Jigs that fish and fishermen have never seen before. The partnership with Acme was a welcome and seamless inclusion as every team already relies heavily on these lures in their daily fishing endeavours while guiding, tournament fishing, chasing world records, and trying to win 39hrs.



Dakota Lithium:

The fishing world has countless tools relying on battery power to get the job done - sonars used to find the fish, motors to propel you to the fish, electronics to navigate home from the fish, cookers to fill your belly, lights to guide your path, cameras to capture your memories, and countless other critically necessary or lavishly supplementary tools on your journey.The diverse battery power options made by DakotaLithium are industry-leading in their design and deliver MORE power with LESS weight to make every part of your job or hobby on the water easier and more enjoyable.Every team member already enjoys the benefits from these creative products on their daily angling endeavours and within this competition series.




Tackle Box Lottery:

Tackle Box Lottery takes the trend of monthly subscription tackle offerings to an expert level. This Canadian-based company has a mission of providing the very best in curated tackle from around the world in a collection designed to expand your lure horizons and most importantly- actually CATCH FISH! They source their tackle from both the most well-known and proven manufacturers and also many obscure specialty custom brands. They offer a range of species and region specific boxes to give you the best new tackle experience possible.





Live Target:

Live Target has carved a path deep within the fishing industry by providing lures that give solutions for specific species and scenarios. Their baits are expertly designed to perfectly match natural forage colors and be presented with the most realistic actions. Historically, most of the anglers involved in this competition have caught some of their biggest fish on these baits, which made for a great fit as our Scoreboard Sponsor, as these baits accounted for some literally epic catches that heavily influenced the final leaderboard result.



Alumacraft Boats:

Every team in this competition has a history of amazing fishing memories in an Alumacraft Boat.Their boats are built with both the hardcore fisherman and their family in mind, for incredible value in their spacious layouts and storage with industry-leading aluminum hull construction and warranty. Combined, we have fished in nearly every major waterway in North America with an Alumacraft Boat, and are thrilled to have their support on this project by providing the donations to the selected charities of each team.